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The beginnings of 'The Chosen Brew'

A time to choose

I'm a big fan of podcasts. Whether it be to super professional content smashed out by the BBC or the late night ramblings of comedians in a Fitzroy flat, I love to listen in to what makes people tick. To be able to legitimately eavesdrop on so many subcultures from around the world whilst driving to work, hanging out the washing or trying to make the train journey go faster, seems pretty sweet given the offerings on many commercial radio stations. In terms of beer podcasts, the vast array of enthusiasts trying new beers, to the more polished industry experts, sharing their thoughts on the many complexities of the craft beer world (such as whether it should be called 'craft' at all), are fascinating to listen to.

But with so many choices in the constantly changing world of beer, what I want to find out is, when it comes to the crunch, what are the six beers that changed everything? Your ultimate six pack. The formative beers. The changing of the landscape. Your 'Chosen Brew'.

My first thought was, that when people were asked to choose their ultimate six, they would simply try to pick the best beers they have ever tasted. But when I tried to choose my ultimate six pack, I found that I twisted and turned, wriggled and squirmed trying to nail down my chosen brews. I became nostalgic. I reminisced about my first ever proper pint of real ale, the beers I could just about afford in my university days, the holiday beers, the beers I had shared with loved ones, the home-brews and then the many excellent brews that are just hitting the market. Each significant beer had a story and a memory behind it. This wasn't going to be as easy as I first thought...

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